12 May 2019

Quotes of the Day - Final

This is what they said on final day of 16th Sail Racing PalmaVela.


Ed Baird, skipper of Quantum Racing, overall winner in TP52 class:
“We made some mistakes here and there but I am excited that everyone on the team is working so hard. It is different with new guys on board. It is about learning communication, timing, just understanding how the person next to you operates is so important during races which are won by a few metres here and there.
I told the guys before the start of sailing today ‘sure we are going to try and win the regatta, that is what we would to like have happen, but to me the success of the week has been to get improve each race. That is not necessarily improving the result each race but that we improved with how we operated and that is the greatest feeling.” 
“It is so exciting that a class like this which has been around for a while now is still relevant, we can go out and have these amazing races and all come back having had such a good time.” 

Pedro Marí, skipper of Team RCNP, winner of Viper class:
“We are very happy. We wouldn't expect this result, because our opponents are better than us. They have beaten us the three previous regattas, they have raced in world championships and have been sailing Viper for the last three years. But since day one we had very good feelings. The kids adapted really well to the boat, considering this was their first event on a Viper. We did well in all the manoeuvres.”  

Lawrence Crispin, skipper of Hissing Sid, second overal of Viper class:
"There was a bit of match racing in the second race and our Spanish rival covered us all the way round the course, but they sailed well. It has been a great week, the sailing today was excellent, totally champagne sailing." 

Eddie Owen, skipper of Mercury, second overall in Dragon class:
“It was a bit tough. We are not too disappointed, juts a bit disappointed because you always want to win. But we were a bit rusty, especially at the start of the regatta, but the guys who won are good Dragon sailors who deserve to win and sail in the fleet all the time.  Yesterday we had our first breezy race and that was a bit of a reminder how tough the boats are and then today we were looking very good in the first race until the new breeze filled in and instead our rival to leeward of us got the breeze first and that made it difficult. We tried to match race him at the start in the last race but it was too windy to really do anything.