11 May 2019

Quotes of the Day - Day 3

This is what they said on Day 3 of 16th Sail Racing PalmaVela.


Santiago Lange, strategist of Azzurra in TP52 class:
“We were not sailing so it is a relief today to be sailing a bit better today. We picked the right sides today. Today we read the wind a bit better. It is a question of getting used to it again, probably we were a little bit rusty. It is tough to know where we are when you look to the start of the Super Series because it feels like everyone is going at the same speed. No one is slower and no one is faster, it really is down to racing well. We need to be smart and try to sail better every day.”

Bouwe Bekking, strategist of Vera in IRC class:
It was a very light day with the wind never more than 10kts. I think on balance we just sailed a little bit better than them. We gained on the runs as well and were good anticipating the wind changes.”
Lawrence Crispin, helmsman of Hissing Sid in Viper class:

“The fleet has built here by getting British sailors to come over here to enjoy some winter sun and great racing. It has been very successful. We have been sailing Vipers for three or four years but it has been in the USA or we had to ship the boat to Australia. The boat is really fun, it is quick and very exciting downwind and very equal as a one design. I think the idea is to try and get the World Championship here in a couple of years time.”