10 May 2019

Quotes of the Day - Day 2

This is what they said on Day 2.


Michele Ivaldi, strategist on Quantum, TP52 class:
"We have been here for a while and we know we have all the pieces in place to do well. The boat is going very fast. We are quite complete in terms of crew wise, manoeuvres we are very good, boat speed, driving, it is all good. 
I think this is very close to what we will see in Mahon. Everybody is using good sails, pretty close to their final configuration. Racing is incredibly close and it is often down to the shift at the top mark.
We are starting well. We got the first shift in both races. We have been practising starts but you can never have done enough, you have to keep going, keep driving. And Ado is putting the boat in the right spots, we have had very good final launches and the race becomes a little easier when you get off the line well. 
We had two good starts and managed to do what we wanted to. The whole day the breeze wanted us to go right and we played the right side most of the time. But the second race there was a bit of pin bias, so we took the pin bias but could shepherd the fleet to the right side of the course. We did a couple of good tacks at the top mark and rounded second. Then on the run there was a big mess in a transition and we got out of jail there and managed to lead out of the gate. From there on it was easier."

Víctor Mariño, trimmer on Platoon, TP52 class:
"We had one good race and one not so good. We picked the wrong side of the course and then on the run we took a big risk, trying to tack to leeward of the fleet and it did not work we got in a spot and took a penalty that cost us. 
We took more risk because this is a training regatta, more risk than we would take in the Super Serie s. This is a training regatta and here we are pushing to find our limits. We are taking risks in all the areas, that is how you learn. 
We are very happy with the boat speed. We have changed some small things at the back of the boat for the runners, so we are finding the way to do things at 100%. These are little things which change the way to do the manoeuvres, this is the regatta for that."

Eddie Owen, helmsman of Mercury, Dragon class: 
“It was very shifty today. It started with 14 knots and I was a little bit nervous, but it was really good fun. I did part of the Dragon circuit three years ago and then we stopped. Now we rented this boat from the 8th Dimension in Portugal. It's great to be back in Palma and racing. I love being here: you´re out there and you go 'wow, this is brilliant'."