09 May 2019

Quotes of the Day - Day 1

This is what they said on Day 1 of racing.


Murray Jones, strategist on Sled, TP52 class:
“We had good races, we got away clean from the blocks in both races and so could sail our own course in both races and that made a difference. First race we were just behind Phoenix and second race we got away. We went the right way, on the right of the course. And the boat was going quick enough that no one could bother us.” 

Tina Plattner, helmsman on Phoenix, TP52 class:
“It was a surprisingly good way to start our season. It was cool. We did these two weeks in Valencia and last week we worked with our two boats together and I think that made a difference. It is tough right now on the shore team to have the two boats running but it is so good for my Dad and I to have the two boats and be able to work together. We are completely in control of what we want to do and what we want to practice and so we have been doing a lot of manoeuvres, tacks, dips, gybes and that is getting us to be more confident in close quarters stuff and generally,”

Harm Müller Spreer, owner of Platoon, TP52 class:
“We had a little problem getting straight up to speed off the start line in the first race and we caught up well and gained and gained and gained. Second start was better but we got pinned to the left and it was hard to get back from there. We had enough training in Valencia and the boat feels much better all round this year after the keel change, rudder change and change in the cockpit.” 

Morgan Larson, tactician on Bronenosec, TP52 class: 
“The new boat is fantastic, one of the nicer builds I have seen but we did only three days shakedown sailing in Valencia, just setting up really, and it was finally only yesterday when we ground things on a bit and started to show that we need to be a bit careful. This is just a tune up for us, this is the same boat effectively that these guys were racing a year ago, they have had a week of training in Valencia and so we are a long way behind them. The boat feels great, it feels a lot like the Quantum, they are all as close you can get now."