06 May 2018

Light Winds Finale

It is the final day of the 15th Sail Racing Palma Vela and although all the classes are open and there is everything to play for, so far this morning it looks like a slow start to the day. The wind pressure is relatively slack and the skies are still quite overcast.


It looks like a fairly light wind finale although there is a belief the sea breeze will come in the afternoon but that will very much depend on how much the clouds roll back and the land heats up. 
It is a humid, clammy morning and that will add to the tension around the docks. It is one of those days when anything can happen and the weather models really do not agree, different predictions showing between 4 and 14 knots. 
“We think the cloud cover will remain for the morning but the south westerly should come in during the afternoon, albeit fairly light.” Suggests Jeremy Robinson, tactician on the Wally Cento Galateia. 

Class leaders are Magic Blue (Wally class), Pelotari Project (IRC), Azzurra (TP52), Earlybird (ClubSwan 50), Elena Nova (Swan 45), Selene Alifax (ClubSwan 42), Inga from Sweden (Melges 40), Dktegoria (ORC 1 ), Petrouchka III (ORC 2), Airlan Aermec (ORC 3), Mestral Fast (ORC 4), Fehurihi (ORC E), Opera Season (J80), Dottore Falafel (Dragon), Speedy Gonzales (Flying Fifteen), Marigan ( Cangreja), Cippino (Bermudiano), Legolas (Spirit of Tradition) and Team CVP Andratx 1 (Hansa 303).

Each of the leaders are catchable, there is no room for mistakes if they want to step on the top of the podium this evening at the 15th Sail Racing Palma Vela prizegiving. Tightest of all are if they want IRC and ORC 4 which are tied and there is just one point in hand for the leaders of the Wally, TP52, ORC 2 and ORC 3, classes.

May the best teams win!