06 May 2017

Quotes of the Day - Day 3

Best day of the week provided good racing for the exhausted crews.


Markus Wieder, tactician on Momo, Maxi 72 Class:
“It felt like a tough day for us. In the first race we leebowed Cannonball they went right and got the right shift. In the second race us and Cannonball got stuck in a wind hole with ten knots less breeze and Bella Mente got away. Bella Mente were 50 metres to the left and were gone.” “So it is all on between us for tomorrow, whoever wins between us wins the regatta. We know where we can be better. A coastal race to decide it is still fun. Here, everyone wants to sail very well but it is effectively a practice event. But a longer race tomorrow should be good.”

Terry Hutchinson, tactician on Bella Mente, Maxi 72 Class:
"We have been a little inconsistent with our starting and so we have to do that a little better better. But, winner takes all? It is better like that than not being in it at all. You are always working to be in it on the last day. That last race was a must win race for us, we had to win it to be in the mix tomorrow."

Karol Jablonski, tactician on Earlybird, Swan 45 class:
“With three races it was a tough day for all the teams. In 18, 20 up to 23kts we really were pushing the boats and the crew towards their limits, it was hard work. So we are exhausted. The boats are very much different to sail in 18 to 20kts to what they are in 14 or 15kts because the loads get so much bigger. You need a strong team which has sailed together a lot. We are learning every day, every race.”