05 May 2017

Quotes of the Day - Day 2

Some Fantela, Terry Hutchinson, Sacha Pelisson, Sten Mohr and Gaspar Morey give us their thoughts on Day 2 of racing at Sail Racing PalmaVela:


Some Fantela, tactician on Nahita, Wally Class:
“It is great to have Santi on the boat as well. He is a great sailor. The first important thing was choosing which sails to take with forecasts showing everything between five and 25kts. We had these decisions sorted and prepared the race plan pretty well. We could then stay close to the big boats and we were even ahead of some 93s but most importantly all the Wally 80s. Our main goal is the 80s fleet which is very, very competitive. We rate one point ahead so we are paying the most.”

Terry Hutchinson, tactician on Bella Mente, Wally 72 class:
“You know the reality is we sailed the same way yesterday as we did today only we got a better start. There is so much in the starting and yesterday Momo executed a nice start. In Race two they were quite slippery upwind. It was quite fluky today. Tomorrow and Sunday will be challenging too.”

Sacha Pelisson, tactician on Mathilde, ClubSwan 50 class:
“Conditions were quite challenging. We are still discovering the boat as I think everyone is but I think we have good speed. We had a great start and really from there it was about managing the risk and staying ahead. The team is quite new but we have a core group which sailed together on a Mumm 30 and another Wally. We received the boat a month and a half ago and had a week's training out of Saint Tropez and then a regatta in Marseille. We are still learning. In Marseille we raced against three TP52s and were close to them on handicap so we had close racing with them. We had windy conditions and pretty much pushed the boat to the limit. It is a lot of fun and exciting. Mast tuning and crew weight are very important as is crew coordination.”

Sten Mohr, tactician on elena Nova, Swan 45 class:
“It was very, very tricky. Our boat is going well even with some older sails we are using. It is good and I like that we can sail with sails from 2013 and 2014 and are still competitive. We have a couple of boats missing here but it will be full on for the Copa del Rey with a few good Italian boats here for example.”

Gaspar Morey, Principal Race Officer:
“We started the coastal with a wind from 65-70 degree, but we had to shorten the course. On the Delta race area, for the Wallys, Maxis and Swans, they did one windward leeward but they started really late, because the wind was very shifty, then the transition arrived and the conditions were not good enough for a second race. On the Bravo race area we managed to complete three races for the AICO J80 and two for Sotheby's Dragon and Flying Fifteen. Overall it was a tricky day, but happy because all classes could complete races."