04 May 2017

Quotes of the Day - Day 1

Ian Walker, Markus Wieser, Vasco Vascotto and Karol Jablonski explain Day 1 of Sail racing PalmaVela.


Ian Walker, tactician on Magic Carpet 3, Wally Class:
“It was a really good way to start. We sailed very well. We made a lot of good choices and our boat handling was good.” Walker recalled, “ The start was a bit odd because the race committee’s radio did not seem to be working and so no one really knew when the start was. The first 200 metres and the last 200 metres of the race were an absolute shambles. We wanted the pin and the left was strongly favoured, so that gave us a good early jump. And after that it was about good sail selections and minimising the risk.”

“ OpenSeason chose a Code Sail and Galateia and us chose a running sail and the wind was lifting and so that worked for us. That was the right choice and OpenSeason were a long way back. We gybed inshore on the run back to Barasso and gained and we bounced Galateia offshore and stayed inshore and tripled our lead. It was all fine until 300 metres from the finish line when there was a massive left shift and suddenly we could not lay the finish line. We ended up just scraping through with the spinnaker up head to wind.”

“ It is good to start with a win. The boat is a bit lighter so we have lost a bit of rating for that but the boat is faster downwind and so it was nice to go OK in medium conditions, I think we will maybe suffer with that. But also we have done five days training here and so that made the difference too, our crew work has really improved. So far so good!”

Markus Wieser, tactician on Momo, Maxi 72 class:
“ We made a lot of good decisions through the winter. The boat feels better, the sails are better and the whole set up is better now. It was a typical Palma left side day. First race we were pin end, leeward boat and we stretched. Second race we tacked from the middle of the line and squeezed Bella Mente off and could hold Cannonball off to the left side. Upwind we have a little speed edge, especially in the breeze of today. It is exactly what Bella Mente did to us last year. Murray Jones has helped a lot with the mast programme and our set up. He is great, a great sailor and technically knows what to do. He does the traveller and runs the mast set up and helps with the decisions."

Vasco Vascotto, tactician on Pepe Cannonball, Maxi 72 class:
"It was a day as the first racing day ever for Cannonball except we lost the number 2 bowman in the water and lost the kite that was the problem in the first race. In the second race we were second and close to the first boat and downwind we have an edge and so could play with them so it is OK. We have to accept these results are the first day only and we have to work hard to close the gap with these two boats which are the top boats in the class."

Karol Jablonski, tactician on Earlybird, ClubSwan 50 class:
“For us on the first day for the class, the boats were great and we had some great races. You make a small mistake and suffer for it. We had good starts and had good pace upwind and did not make many mistakes in the crew work. In the second race we broke the kite and managed to change to the lighter one. You have to get used to the boats for sure. The boats are nice in a straight line but you have to learn the manoeuvres because you are missing some power in the winches. But upwind the boat is easy to drive for the owners, it is very nice. It is all about the crew work and going the right way. You have to work hard as a crew because there is a lot of power in the boat and it is very technical. The helm has to drive accordingly.”